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Melissa Totten, Madonna Lookalike/Impersonator/ Soundalike
I am pleased to announce that Melissa Totten (Madonna Lookalike Soundalike) will be appearing at the new showroom COPYKATZ in downtown Palm Springs on April 20 and April 27 at 10pm. With the help of musical genius Jen and Nonny, I have put together a brand new band for Melissa and we will be debuting this new show and new set list on April 20. We plan on touring the country with this band and group in the months to come. Melissa is by far one of the best, if not the best Madonna performance artist in the world, having toured most of Europe and Asia, the USA is the last continent for Melissa to conquer with her performance art. Now, with a six piece live band at her side, Melissa will deliver LIVE music and vocals highlighting some of Madonna’s music that the real Madonna has yet to sing LIVE. (Love Don’t Live Here, Secret, Think of Me, Angel, you know those songs you just want to here that Madonna chose not to sing… : ) Different arrangements on some hits, and some of the standards too. Check out the video on myspace page and look for us in your area, if you can’t wait, come see us debut the show “An Intimate Evening with Madonna” starring Melissa Totten. or for complete idea of what Dan Gore and ICONS can do for your next special event. Melissa Totten Madonna Lookalike here at – See you at the show… and come see us at CopyKatz to see how female impersonation (drag) is really done. : P -until lookalike next time- dan gore

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ICONS Dan Gore on NBC Today Show

How many of you saw it? Dan Gore was interviewed and his celebrity impersonators and lookalikes were featured on the TODAY show live in Los Angeles this morning. Yes, that was me in all my glory. If you guys want to book a fabulous Bono lookalike who sings live or the top rated Britney Spears lookalike and impersonator, just let me know. Dolly Parton lookalike on the show as amazing, top of the line ! Thank you for stopping by, this link may show you the piece the TODAY show did on ICONS lookalikes and celebrity imperosnators – dan gore

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Copykatz, Dan Gore, Luis Camacho and cast begin rehearsals !

I am glad to say everyone is now in Palm Springs. We begin rehearsals this week and everyone is excited about our December opening in Palm Springs. Today was even more unbelievable because two huge famed FI pros were in town and we all got together and had brunch. Phyl and Randy from the east coast were here and we all gathered around a restaurant table and had a fab time talking about the impersonator industry and the trials and tribulations of all of our careers. What a morning it was!!! E! should of been there. Went to a local drag show tonight and friday night, and I must say, this town is not ready for our show. We are ready to rock this town out with this new production show…. Also, part of the cast did a christmas party for Mercedes Benz dealer in Dana Point last week at the St. Regis hotel… what a fabulous hotel!! Amazing. I just want to thank all the impersonators and fans of impersonators, lookalikes and female impersonators for keeping in touch and supporting ICONS. We love ya and look forward to our new show in Palm Springs with owners Elyse and Howard Goodwin! see you soon and take care— until I lookalike you again – dan gore in lookalike heaven

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CopyKatz Billboard 1 goes up on Interstate 10 !

The CopyKatz 1 of 2 billboards was erected on Thursday, September 29 on Interstate 10 in Beaumont. Check it out iif you are traveling to east towards Palm Springs. This is 1 of 2 billboards that are going up. The 2nd billboard will feature the dinner shot of the cast and will be erected in the city of Palm Springs and it will rotate monthly throughout the desert. Many thanks to Elyse for this vision. check out more of lookalikes and female impersonators at

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CopyKatz Palm Springs or Bust !

Alright folks, it was my first full day in Palm Springs… actually, my first working day at the lookalike club CopyKatz. I am working with owner Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin on her new club in Palm Springs, CopyKatz. I am producing the celebrity impersonator show, Make BOYlieve, which will be the featured show in the club. This show will feature top celebrity female impersonators, which means boys that look amazingly like famous women. We are looking at opening on Halloween night. Keep your lookalike fingers crossed! I am renting a room in Palm Springs about 5 miles from the club and will begin getting there at 11am every day Monday thru Friday to assist wherever I can, so we can have an ON TIME opening. : ) The lookalike club is located in downtown Palm Springs just a block away from the infamous Palm Springs Follies. We will even have a billboard on I-10 coming in from the west. Elyse and I worked together on the show BOYlieve It Or Not! when it appeared at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio in 2001-2002. What is so bizarre about this town, after speeding the weekend with my partner Luis Camacho, is that the people don’t understand the art of drag in the desert. The drag shows that I have seen here in the clubs are by far the worst shows I have ever seen anywhere in the world. I don’t understand how the art of female imperosnation has been lost 100 miles east of Hollywood. My goal is to bring it back strong. Luis Camacho and I will begin a whole new path for high-end shows in the area that feature impersonators, and specifically female impersonators. A city official came up to me about a month ago when I was here, and said, do we really need another drag show (female impersonator show) in the desert? I was appalled, thinking, these locals have NO idea of what type of show is going into CopyKatz, they think its the same ol’ shows that are popping up all over town…… my show is far from anything this town has ever seen, and I can’t wait to open this lookalike female impersonator show to show the desert something they never ever expected, TALENT. : ) until next time…. see you tomorrow.. lookalike dan gore outta here, but its me, it’s really me….

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