Diana Ross Lookalike and Cher Lookalike to Roast and Boast on Comedy Central

My Ross lookalike and Cher lookalike willl be making an appearance on Comedy Central in the months to come. Be sure to check it out. Happy Thanksgiving to the lookalikes who give thanks, and to those who give to us thank-ers. My special friend Richard who gives me a call every Thanksgiving Holiday to thank me for giving him his first big push in the business. I really appreciate you remembering me. I will be judging Drag Idol Finals tonight in Upland with my friend KWii (That’s his new nickname I gave him!) I’ll let you know how that goes. As far a big announcement I was hoping to give today, I ended up on the cutting room floor for eBay’s Winning Promotion. I was interviewed in May for being the “winner” of the lookalike industry but they cut that part from their promotion. Oh well, it was fun. I guess. ; ) – here’s looking like you kid- until next – lookalike king dan gore, piece of chocolate out –

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Lookalikes, Female Impersonators Take it to the Max with MAC and Paper Magazine

On Sunday, November 11, Dan Gore had the opportunity of casting 5 female impersonators for a major MAC Photoshoot layout for PAPER Magazine. Alex at SQ helped me with this lead and we did a great job of finding the very best candidates for this lookalike layout of old glamour Hollywood. Chad as Joan Crawford, Keith as Bette Davis, Adam as Marilyn Monroe, Kevin as Betty Grable, Bryan as Lucille Ball, and Christian as Marlene Dietrich. Thank you to these great guys for stepping in at the last minute to participate in this is great lookalike shoot. December dates are picking up finally. Look forward to these lookalike acts working in the first week of December, Liberace Lookalike, Marilyn Lookalike, Joan Rivers Lookalike…. until next time, here’s looking like you kid- lookalike king dan gore..

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Jessica Simpson Lookalike Speaks About Her Start and ICONS

Lynsey out of Seattles speaks to her local talk show Northwest Afternoon about her pursuing the lookalike industry. Lynsey had a jumpstart by ICONS as she appeared throughout Mexico as Jessica Simpson for a national wine campaign. Lynsey did a great job on this interview and I wanted to share. This weekend, we have five of our wonderful female impersonators working it for MAC Cosmetics for a editorial photo layout. I’ll keep you posted on that as well as add some photos later. I hope all is well and I am looking forward to 2007 winding down and starting 2008 with an amazing new show.

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Lookalikes Run Amuck

Alright, so things are a flutter here. In the last couple of weeks, I booked a Britney lookalike and my awesome Lindsay Lohan lookalike for Saddleback’s College internal video promotion they are doing on “Best Friends” featuring Lindsay & Britney via ICONS. Working on a Korea job that works this November, and bringing a Justin Timberlake lookalike out to perform this Sunday in Laguna at a special party for a special girl at the very exclusive St. Regis Hotel (MAJOR HOTEL in Laguna!), after that I am off to Boomerang Bar in Anaheim to put together a light fanfare of drag with Angelique, Fontasia and the world famous Gypsy. Lookalike time is slow now but I am hoping to bump it up with my Korea gig and some new local shows. Melissa Madonna Impersonator Extraordinaire has signed on for the remainder of the year in Berlin, which is fabulous! Mr Guido and I hope to begin our plans on major multi-Madonna productions for 2008. Be prepared! Oh and by the way, for those in the know, the kat in palm springs is almost dead, thank god! – And always remember its who know in this business, and I know alot of famous faces… its really me Dan Gore.

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Celebrity Impersonators Run Wild ! – Lookalike King

Triple Booking this weekend Lookalikes on the Rampage
I judged the quarterly Drag Idol Finals last night with my good friend Kevin. We had a large appetite for drag and we were stuffed by night’s end. Nothing exceptional last night except for the hostess with the mostess David aka Raven was delightful. And also, Tammie was out of this universe, a sight to see! Ryan as Brad Pitt worked Denver, Colorado this weekend, Had Paris at Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, and Stephanie knocked them out as Cher this weekend in Peroria, Illionois for Maui Jim’s annual Luau they hold for their employees. A great way to end the week, looking forward to more fun, more bookings, more life…. remember its not what you know, its who you know and I know alot of famous faces – lookalike king, truly, it’s really me lookalike king dan gore

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