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End of February, my new Michael Jackson lookalike and impersonator Carlo dazzled them in Diamond Bar for a corporate event. This past weekend, Natalie Reid knocked them dead in Hot Springs, Arkansas and appeared on the front of the city’s main newspaper. Natalie appeared as Paris Hilton in the World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Arkansas. Tim C. booked Natalie on this and also arranged her emergency transportation back to Los Angeles as all flights were cancelled due to bad weather. Thanks Tim! Bette Midler lookalike Glen rocked the private Regency Club on Wilshire last week for a 60th bday party. Lindsay Lohan lookalike Emily took a four hour cruise in Marina Del Rey harbor for Scott’s 40th birthday cruise. And yours truly delivered some campy ass George Michael for Seb’s 30 something birthday at Murano’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. Very fancy smancy! Good news to come the week of June 2, 2008 that details my new show that will open in the fall of 2008. : ) Keep posted to read more. Also, for all you lookalikes be sure to vote yours truly for Best Producer 2008 for the Entertainment Network’s annual awards, given out at the annual impersonator convention in Las Vegas. If you want to vote for and you are a lookalike, please let me know so I can send you the ballot. Thanks for your support and look out for female impersonator Cher and Diana Ross on Comedy Central’s Gene Simmons Roast coming out later this month! Leona Lewis is so very hot out of UK… check her out on itunes, she sings about bleeding love, the love affair I have with this lookalike industry… eeekkkkk… : ) Check out Michael Jackson lookalike Carlo preparing for his show from February 27 !… Also podcast with Bobby Etienne coming very soon, stay tune – lookalike king dan gore

Carlo as Michael Jackson Prepares

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CNN mentions ICONS Lookalike and Impersonator Website

For a story about the upcoming Presidential Election and who will play Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live, CNN mentions how numerous Barack Obama impersonators are getting work, and they show yours truly website. Jeanne Moos reports, check it out. ICONS Lookalike King Dan Gore Mention on CNN

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It’s ICONS, Yo.

It’s February already! Can you believe it? 2008 is kicking forward and we are booking acts all over town. In the lookalike and impersonator industry, you know ICONS and the Lookalike King aren’t messing around. Our female impersonators started rocking the world early this year in PAPER Magazine’s February issue, on stands now. You can check out one of the pics here below. What a fabulous job the photographer Mike Ruiz did, excellent! In the 2nd week of January, Chad as Cher (CAMEO) finished the FON’s 2nd installment of their “Sharing the Castro” WIFI promotion featuring Chad as Cher. (I’ve attached them all from YOUTube here. There are 3 in total.) Also, there is one comedic CHER and one flawless Cher lookalike, don’t get it twisted, the flawless Cher is Chad. Fun stuff, and also that same day, we had Natalie and Emily pushing their Paris and Lindsay lookalike selves into a Sweet 16 party in Beverly Hills. Coming up this next weekend, we have Roger as Robin Williams delivering his routine to Legacy Design owner’s birthday party in Beverly Hills. Also, last weekend we had our Britney Spears lookalike and Anna Nicole Smith impersonator working with Perez Hilton on his new VH-1 show. So things started off well in 2008. Coming up at the end of February we have our lookalike Holly in her 1 woman lookalike show in Atlantic City for Rendezvous Travel. I hope to have some very exciting news in the weeks to come. So, prepare yourself. And remember if its Dan Gore, its ICONS, yo. The Lookalike King and Hiz World, coming to a podcast near you soon.

Above: Chad’s Cameo as Cher in FON’s Share The Castro WIFI Promotion.

Above: Dana “Anna Nicole Lookalike”, Perez Hilton, Nadia “Britney Lookalike” and “Amy Winehouse” on Perez Vh-1 Show !

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2008 Is Just The Beginning

Hello Everyone, sorry I’ve been a bit stale on writing in my official ICONS blog. I am so happy that 2008 is here. Even within the first week of 2008, my phone has been ringing off the hook inquiring about lookalikes. Excellent! Confirmed bookings this week are Chad as Cher in San Francisco for FON’s new viral that will be coming out this year. Also, we are booking Suzanne’s Judy & Liza Together Again (without you know who) for North Fork Theatre in Westbury New York, thank you Ant! We have Holly working her one woman lookalike show in Atlantic City on February 19 for Ant. So that is pretty good. Inquiries today alone have been for Streisand lookalike, for an Oprah lookalike, and for a Bruce Springsteen lookalike, so its all good. Guy Guido made over the awesome Michael Jackson lookalike for my webpage, looking mighty good there CR. That is all for now, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year. One day several people will say “I don’t know what happen, what did we do?” and I’ll say to them “you f*cked up, that’s what you did. Such a Shame.”…. until fortune rains on me again… lookalike king signing off – dan gore

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Diana Ross Lookalike, Cher Lookalike, Liberace Lookalike, & Robin Williams Lookalike

Alright, Diana Ross and Cher lookalikes (Chad & Leah) graced KISS’ Gene Simmons Tuesday night for an upcoming taping of Comedy Central Roasts Gene Simmons at Hollywood’s KEY CLUB… And this week also, booked Robin Williams for December 8. Working that date as well, we have Joan Rivers lookalike Terri knocking them dead in Mesa. My good friend Alan will be Terri’s talent liason while she travels into the city of Mesa, Arizona for that Gig. We have our Liberace lookalike working two nights in Atlantic City, NJ on December 6 and 7 working with an excellent LIZA out of New Jersey as well. And I say its not busy for the lookalike biz, ah shoot, it isn’t! Should be much busier! But its ok, is alright, because 2008 is right around the corner… People ask me “Dan, how are they surviving” and all i can say is, “time will tell”- either way, I win. lookalike king, piece of chocolate cake out… or is it OUT of chocolate cake?—- talk to you soon friends and fans…. my latest default is me at a very thin 200lbs, after 14 days of master cleanse

*above: Leah and Chad, rocking our world

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