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I think it’s very interesting looking back/ traveling back to cities where you had a substantial past in. The experience being back in Lake Tahoe with my show Carnival Cabaret is constantly tripping me to believing we never left. It’s so surreal being at the Horizon again where I spent four years of my life with this show, cut to almost five years later, and it seems as if the show never left the Horizon. It’s a great triumphant moment for me knowing that show was such a hit that it was able to return and then, able to survive a global economic breakdown. I had to travel to Palm Springs yesterday because of a client suing me in small claims. On the flip side, I am suing this client in superior court. The client has failed to show up in my hearings, or my scheduled depositions yet the client shows their face in small claims for them suing me. What a legal system we have here.

The most shocking part of being in Palm Springs yesterday was seeing the location where I worked so hard on, where I put my heart and soul into, along with my trusted Carnival Cabaret performers, just to have my die hard involvement stripped from me, from us, by a person who wanted more power. Thus, the new person’s new power that they initialized destroyed not just the show’s morale, but the person’s entire business and their business failed miserably. And yet, you see all of the remnants right there in the center of Palm Springs. What a moment. I took this picture outside the location and you can see in the reflection half of me. Still, a large part of me is there on that corner, in that city. One day, I will put a great show back in Palm Springs.

The Showroom In Downtown Palm Springs

The Showroom In Downtown Palm Springs

Also, I will be traveling back to Lake Tahoe on Friday morning, I just missed a going away party for the gentleman who brought us back to Lake Tahoe after almost 5 years. To think, one man had the trust and the outlook to see that Carnival Cabaret was missing from Lake Tahoe. I will always remember the man who took the chance to bring us back to Tahoe. Shows in casino’s are far and in between, and often you hear in our industry “oh, i had a show in a casino”… well that’s just it, you “had” a show in a casino. My shows stay in casinos, where they will be for many many more years.

Thank you Steve.

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Latinas Transvestis – Reno, Nevada

Well, I ventured out last night to Reno, Nevada to see the Latinas. I met Frankie and Manuel there, (Frankie is currently performing as Liza in Carnival Cabaret). Our friend Oscar, who works here at the Horizon at the Starbucks counter performed last night. His alter ego is Camila! There are two shows every Friday night at the Neutron in Reno, Nevada. The first show is at 1130pm and the 2nd show is at 1am. We caught the end of the first show and decided to head out after that show. Oscar reminds me a lot of the playboy model Barbie Benton! Rather, Camila reminds me a lot of Barbie Benton. The funny thing about me attending these latin clubs is that I don’t speak spanish, so the host who called on the Carnival Cabaret group, confused me since I had no idea what s(he) was saying. All in all, it was a fun night, and always glad to support the local female impersonators, even though all the songs were performed in spanish and I had no clue what was going on. Working the ticket booth all weekend long and I will be traveling to Los Angeles on Monday. Have a great weekend! dan

Manuel, Camila and Dan Gore
Manuel – Camila – Dan

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Behind the scenes of a Cher Female Impersonator

Something not many audiences see is what happens behind the scenes during a performance. One of the many things I like to do with my CHER acts in my show is to have them do multiple costume changes. Andrew Raymer, who is a CHER lookalike, (you can find more thru Lookalike Webpages by going to Backstage Antics link…) performs 2 costume changes during my show in Lake Tahoe, Carnival Cabaret. Take a look at what he goes thru in under dressing his costumes, and ripping them off for the final costume change into the Cher Turn Back Time outfit.

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A night in Reno at the Neutron (Dance).

So on Friday night, the Carnival Cabaret cast and I headed down to Reno, Nevada.  Reno is about an hour drive from Lake Tahoe heading like northeast.  It’s the closest biggest little city near us, where there’s a major airport you can fly out of.  Andrew Raymer was working at this alternative nightclub called Neutron with our friend Ruby Holiday.  Andrew made several new outfits for this special performance and looked amazing.  I on the other hand was extremely hungry and ready to eat anything, as displayed in this picture. : )  We had a long stop at McDonald’s on the way home, in the drive thru.  Oh, what a night!

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My new lookalike blog style has a new look : )

Took me several days to get this redesigned, but I have finally come to the end, or is it the beginning of my new blog page.  Thanks to my friend Robert who help me get thru it, and to my web designer Ciplex who originally added and designed my webpage and blog.  Thank you and talk to you soon!

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