Paris Hilton Lookalike Appears In Playboy

Natalie Reid will appear in Playboy’s September issue, onstands NEXT month, check it out ! Check out all of our wonderful lookalike videos on ! Also, if you didn’t know, Edward Moss (Michael Jackson) recently shot a independent film “Bamboo Shark” in Philadelphia, besides that film, he also appeared in Date Movie and Scary Movie 4 this year. He is one of the most famous Michael Jackson lookalikes in the world. Also, I personally found all the female impersonators (Drag Queens) for the film Miss Congeniality 2 with Sandra Bullock. I also found a few of the drag queens for the CSI episode when they were in Las Vegas searching for a transsexual killer. I work alot with casting directors and agents when they are looking for female impersonators and lookalikes. Keep that in mind if you are searching for work as a female impersonator or lookalike. Talk to you soon you lookalike you. (-dan gore)

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Impersonator Grand Central

Hello from Los Angeles, alright this week, what has happen…. well for those who may or may not know, the dream of having my lookalike showroom in Palm Springs is now maybe 80% confirmed… but that 20% can definitely screw us over, we will see. Lookalike inquiries this week have been for SHAKIRA. I have a real girl Shakira lookalike act, and I have a female impersonator Shakira act, both talents will be submitted. Today, I received a call for a promo shoot at the Playboy Mansion for next week, for an Austin Powers lookalike, hopefully I’ll get that nailed down today. Lookalike and Impersonator work is a bit slow in the summer, but upcoming, we have the Oprah lookalike corporate video gig, the August 12 Female Impersonator Show, the Madonna lookalike show with Melissa Totten on August 25 and then there’s the October 14 San Ramon Black & White Ball Female Impersonator Show. I believe that sums up this summer’s gigs, for now. I think that is it for now… i’ve uploaded several new videos to my youtube page, if you want to check it out. ! That is it for now…. – until I lookalike you again (-dan gore)

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Madonna lookalike and soundalike to perform LIVE in Phoenix

I just booked Madonna lookalike and sound alike Melissa Totten in Phoenix at the club Karamba! She will be performing there LIVE on Friday, August 25. For more information, you can email me. Things are slow this week in the lookalike world. I had dinner with my female impersonator friend Eddie E last night. I’ve been helping him with his new female impersonator DVD press kit. Looks great. He is a live singer impersonator and does great lookalikes of Barbra Streisand, Cher and Bette Midler. Also, looks like my Oprah lookalike will be doing an industrial video for a corporate event this month. A company is using the lookalike as a faux live remote with Oprah to kick off a annual sales meeting. Also, a new Jessica Simpson lookalike is on the prowl, a great new lookalike is starting out, and looks amazingly like Jessica. that is all for now… until next lookalike time (-dan gore)

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Madonna lookalike Melissa Totten

So, it’s an annual event, and it’s coming up again. Madonna’s birthday in August. What a great time to put on an evening with Madonna starring Melissa Totten. Melissa is a live singer impersonator who has travelled throughout the world as Madonna. We just recently returned from Singapore for a corporate event for Samsung. If your company or club, or special event is in need of exceptional entertainment, Melissa and her band, are the ones to book. With all the miscellaneous activities surrounding Madonna’s birthday amongst the gay scene, an evening with Madonna impersonator Melissa Totten would be a wonderful addition. — Let me know if I can help make your next event ideal with lookalikes or impersonators…. until the next lookalike time (-dan gore)

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Drag Contest with Female Impersonators

Went into Upland last night for the local drag queen contest with my friend Eddie. This contest has eight female impersonators strutting their stuff for a cash prize. My promoter DJ friend invited me to judge the contest, but we got their too late. We enjoyed the show with emcee Ms. Beat stirring up some great fun in her Pool party wear. Ms. Beat is a well known female impersonator who has her own live band as well. Saturday night was an event all about Madonna as my friend Adam re-created the entire Confessions Tour. Adam is also a female impersonator and lookalike of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. I guess you could call the past couple of days my drag queen weekend ! until next lookalike time (-dan gore)

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