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It’s February already! Can you believe it? 2008 is kicking forward and we are booking acts all over town. In the lookalike and impersonator industry, you know ICONS and the Lookalike King aren’t messing around. Our female impersonators started rocking the world early this year in PAPER Magazine’s February issue, on stands now. You can check out one of the pics here below. What a fabulous job the photographer Mike Ruiz did, excellent! In the 2nd week of January, Chad as Cher (CAMEO) finished the FON’s 2nd installment of their “Sharing the Castro” WIFI promotion featuring Chad as Cher. (I’ve attached them all from YOUTube here. There are 3 in total.) Also, there is one comedic CHER and one flawless Cher lookalike, don’t get it twisted, the flawless Cher is Chad. Fun stuff, and also that same day, we had Natalie and Emily pushing their Paris and Lindsay lookalike selves into a Sweet 16 party in Beverly Hills. Coming up this next weekend, we have Roger as Robin Williams delivering his routine to Legacy Design owner’s birthday party in Beverly Hills. Also, last weekend we had our Britney Spears lookalike and Anna Nicole Smith impersonator working with Perez Hilton on his new VH-1 show. So things started off well in 2008. Coming up at the end of February we have our lookalike Holly in her 1 woman lookalike show in Atlantic City for Rendezvous Travel. I hope to have some very exciting news in the weeks to come. So, prepare yourself. And remember if its Dan Gore, its ICONS, yo. The Lookalike King and Hiz World, coming to a podcast near you soon.

Above: Chad’s Cameo as Cher in FON’s Share The Castro WIFI Promotion.

Above: Dana “Anna Nicole Lookalike”, Perez Hilton, Nadia “Britney Lookalike” and “Amy Winehouse” on Perez Vh-1 Show !

February 2nd, 2008 | Category: Icons Lookalikes and Impersonators

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