Heavenly Village Management Says No To Drag, Lake Tahoe. Should it be NO to Drugs?

Carnival Cabaret is the longest running show in the history of Lake Tahoe, yet there are still people in this town that refuse to recognize the value of entertainment. In a economic breakdown, a small town like Tahoe, people are still trying to forbid an art form that has been around for centuries. The US is one of the most conservative countries in the world, and mostly because of the way people are raised and nurtured, and not even by education, but by parents, siblings and elders. We are all human beings and it becomes a very shallow and ignorant moment when people begin to judge one another based on differences. At Heavenly Village in Lake Tahoe, a popular place in town, a gathering place for skiers and tourists alike, a single management person have asked us to stop walking around and promoting in drag because there are children present in this area. Every business in this town has welcomed us and has promoted the show, especially since we are the only show in town, in a vegas like town, and it is just entertainment. One singular person continues to push our buttons because he feels drag is not an appropriate thing for children. Wow! That is hilarious. I have yet to meet this person, but when I do, I hope he doesn’t look as stupid as he sounds. Ignorance is dead, don’t you know. Get an education.

Today as I was watching Oprah Winfrey on mute and having a conference call at the same time, I noticed a whole bunch of guys singing on the show, and it caught my attention. They guys or the band, so I thought, was named Sam Tsui. Well, i didn’t catch the sound or pay attention, so when the show was over, I decided to look up this individual. Well, how talented is this guy and his collaborator. Really impressed with their arrangements and their entertainment value. Watch most of their videos and they have become quite popular with appearances on the Bonnie Hunt show as well as Oprah. Millions of hits on their websites as well.

February 22nd, 2010 | Category: Icons Lookalikes and Impersonators

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