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Alright, busy day today. Let me tell you, Lindsay Lohan lookalike thru ICONS has landed the gig of a lifetime. Straight out of the extras cattle call area comes this girl who looks and sounds like Lindsay, and ICONS just landed her a lookalike gig of a lifetime on a major SAG film. This Lindsay Lohan lookalike is HOT. Also, new documentary about EBAY and “winning is everything”, they want Dan Gore and ICONS lookalikes to talk about lookalikes and their similarities to the real celebrities. Ok, I’ll bite and they’ll be doing an interview with me and some of the HOT current lookalikes. Natalie Reid, thee Paris Hilton lookalike of the century, is booking almost every day, with high-end gigs from coast to coast, if you are looking for the best Paris Hilton lookalike or best Lindsay Lohan lookalike, Dan Gore at ICONS is the one to call. The Next Best Thing, the American Idol meets live singing lookalikes airs next week. Watch for it! – Did you catch Dan Gore on Bravo’s “Work Out”?

May 23rd, 2007 | Category: Icons Lookalikes and Impersonators

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