Dennis Russell stars in Carnival Cabaret, Industry Awards Goes Gore-less

Dennis Russell is now starring in my show Carnival Cabaret. Dennis Russell aka Denise Russell is a big smash in this show. He flew into Tahoe on Monday, Feb 1 and started hosting the show on Wednesday, February 3. What a pro. Fit right into the groove without skipping a beat. Dennis Russell is the only female impersonator ever to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. He sings like a bird and sounds amazing as Patsy Cline. Come see Dennis for yourself! Carnival Cabaret is a nightly casino show at the Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the Horizon Casino Resort, on the south shore. The show runs nightly Wednesday thru Sunday, show is at 8pm.

There is a company in our small industry that issues awards yearly to the industry leaders. Its pretty much a free for all for anyone who wants to nominate themselves and then explain to their colleagues why they should get their votes and why they should win the award under certain categories. I won for Best Producer in 2006 and was hoping to nominate myself again for Best Producer for 2010, however, i registered to late and missed the boat. What I find so fascinating about this award show is that some of the very best people in this business do not participate so we have a lot of b and c listers nominating themselves and winning these awards. Then, the b and c listers add these winning titles to their resumes as if it means they are worth far more or better than others. I am not against all that, but I think this annual awards need to be regulated in a sense they include leaders of the industry who are by far, more talented and more experienced so the younger generation and followers have something to achieve or guide themselves by. There are only 5 full time casino shows running in the USA that feature celebrity lookalikes, and only two of them include female impersonators. The show I have in Lake Tahoe is the longest running show in the history of the city, yet, I won’t be recognized for that, because I missed the deadline and others are more worthy of their 1 night events somewhere. Most of the people in this industry are looking for full time gigs in the casino arena, yet, my involvement in what I do goes without notice. LOL. It’s all good, really, it is. : ) I also worked with the real Bette Midler on her 1999 concert in Las Vegas, and have booked doubles for the real Madonna, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, but then again, please industry, don’t hesitate to recognize this leader. LMAO!

Call me Little Richard at the Grammy Awards, but this little dick has far more current kudos and praise due to him.

Dennis Russell - star of Carnival Cabaret

Dennis Russell stars in Carnival Cabaret, Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino

February 9th, 2010 | Category: Icons Lookalikes and Impersonators

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