23 days until 2010 – A New Year

It’s hard to believe another year has passed in our lives. Time surely flies year after year. I am so grateful to be in Lake Tahoe again. It’s the slowest time of the year for this city, and with the economy the way it is, it just makes things so much more delicate. It’s a good time to reflect on your life to put a lot of it in perspective. To have a casino show at all, is a feat within itself. So many people in our industry like to boast about working at a casino, but only a handful of us have maintained longevity in casinos, nightly. People like Superstars Live! and Legends In Concert, and American Superstars, and of course, La Cage performers in Las Vegas, now with its new name Divas, it’s difficult, difficult to plant the idea, and extremely difficult to manifest.

Snow fell for almost 48 hours straight here. A lot more snow than we had last year, so early in the year, before Christmas, the city of Lake Tahoe is hoping for a great Christmas and New Year’s week.

I had the opportunity of booking Phil as Dr. Evil for CES this 2010 year in Las Vegas. Phil does an amazing Dr. Evil. What is so unique about Phil and again, just a few in this industry I can speak of like this, Phil’s an actor, officially, a comedian, an improv expert that takes this industry to a new level. Perfection in this industry has been lacking for years, I think that is why so many people look at the impersonation industry as a joke, but when its done with perfection, there’s nothing like it. Phil is one of those artists, who has studied not just the art of looking like someone else, but being able to “act” like that alter character is very difficult, and it comes to Phil extremely naturally because of his acting and improv background. Really, an amazing guy in this business. Off the top of my head, people similar to this are Richard Halpern as Austin Powers, Suzanne LaRusche as Lucille Ball, Sandy Anderson as Dolly Parton, and of course all of my acts in Carnival Cabaret. These people really are impressive and are a great value to this industry. It makes people think its an extremely easy thing to do, to create another person’s persona, but its not. It’s extremely difficult to master, and I think this is why I was always fascinated with drag, because it’s just another level of difficulty, to not just change your looks, but to change your sex as well on stage, is a masterful feat of artistry, at its best.

We had a quick change of direction in Tahoe the past couple of days. I originally planned on bringing Brian Keith in from the old Finocchio’s as an interim host in January before Dennis gets here, aka Denise Russell. Unfortunately, I decided to steer into a different direction. I didn’t have the time or the passion to design something unique for Brian and really wanted an opportunity to create something special, but it wasn’t the time to do so, so we canceled Brian’s engagement here. But the opportunity will arise again as I will be opening another show in the near future and will need to adjust my casts.

2010 will mark a very special year for me and my crew. What we do here in Lake Tahoe is extremely magical and unique, like no other place or show you’ll see, we take this art form to a new level and do it with a minimal cast and effort. There’s no stopping the passion, the energy and the art form that we have so much respect and love for. Super success for us in 2010, it’s just around the corner.

If you know of anyone who feels a passion for the art of drag, please refer them to me as we are looking for multiple cast members for 2010.

We will be welcoming Ralph Jeffries this week, as he begins his drag camp training with Carnival Cabaret. He debuts as Beyonce, Thursday, December 17. We already tore a hole in the stage for the wind and smoke, so we are all ready for Beyonce’s debut.

On New Year’s Eve, Carnival Cabaret will be doing two shows, at 8pm and 10pm, with dinner available at both shows. Tickets are $69.95 plus tax per person for dinner and show. Show only is $29.95 for 8pm show, and $36.95 plus tax per person for 10pm show.

In 2010, we will begin serving desserts nightly in our showroom as well.

We’ll see you at the show…


Snowfall in Lake Tahoe this past week.

Snowfall in Lake Tahoe this past week.

Snowfall in Lake Tahoe this past week.

Snowfall in Lake Tahoe this past week.

Dr. Evil Impersonator

Dr. Evil Impersonator

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