Carnival Cabaret – In between the Holidays

My celebrity impersonator show Carnival Cabaret in Lake Tahoe will go dark Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday December 7-9, and December 14-16. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a known historical fact to be extremely slow in our little resort town of Lake Tahoe. We are going to go ahead and shorten our work week up until Christmas week, in which it will become quite busy here in Tahoe. We have snow early than expected now, and we are hoping for a load of snow this upcoming week. Snow will bring our seasonal tourists in for snow skiing!

As many of you may know, James Gypsy Haake, who is my Master of Ceremonies here in Lake Tahoe, will be retiring after 59 years on stage. His last show is December 31, 2009. He will return to Palm Springs to live by the pool and drink martinis. No more dresses in his future, he says. Patrick Ross will take the reigns over for the month of January, sharing the hosting duties with former Finnochio’s host Brian Keith. Brian will work 2 days a week rotating with Patrick Ross. These hosting duties will proceed the arrival of the amazing Dennis W. aka Denise Russell. Dennis will begin sharing the hosting duties with Patrick Ross in February. Dennis will work the 2010 year rotating on 2 months, and off for 1 month. Dennis hails from Ohio, and was the Master of Ceremonies for the Nashville show Cowboy’s La Cage. A master at what he does, he will be a great addition to the Carnival Cabaret family and we are highly anticipating his arrival in Lake Tahoe. He is also the only female impersonator that has ever performed at the Grand Ole Opry!

Frankie Kein and Manual Arte will return for Gypsy’s last night on December 31 before they depart for South America. They will perform there the first quarter of 2010 with their amazing show. If you have never seen the work of these two gentlemen, you are missing two of the greatest entertainers in our industry. Do a search on youtube, you’ll be amazed.

We will be adding a Beyonce impersonation to Carnival Cabaret beginning December 17. Ralph Jeffries will join our Carnival Cabaret family next week. We are looking forward to our new cast member and adding an updated celebrity to our show.

Carlo Riley as Michael Jackson is shooting a Japanese television show all week in Los Angeles. He is doing re-enactments of Michael Jackson the day he died, as well as re-enactments of the court trials MJ went thru back in 2005.

Carlo will join amazing Madonna impersonator Lorelei Prince (discovered by Guy Guido) for a private party in Tampa on December 19. Carlo has been extremely busy with his MJ tribute, working all over the world. You can check out his website at Lorelei Prince as Madonna will work in Hong Kong over Christmas week doing a live Madonna show in a large shopping mall there. Carlo Riley worked at that same mall earlier in the year.

Hope all is well with you and yours and if you get a chance to get to Lake Tahoe, be sure to come by and see the amazing and record breaking show Carnival Cabaret.

Also, if you are looking for a great gift for the holidays, try the DVD “We’re All Angels” – a documentary that I worked on that was done by Robert Nunez about pop christian singers Jason & deMarco. I’ve added the youtube video of film director Robert to this post, enjoy! (And in the video promoting the DVD is my cat Chandler!)

Lorelei as Madonna - Like A Prayer era

Lorelei Prince as Madonna - Who's That Girl era

Lorelei Prince as Madonna - Who's That Girl era

Carlo Riley as Michael Jackson - In The Closest era

Carlo Riley as Michael Jackson - In The Closest era

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