Anaheim White House, Prostitution and Drag

I had a one night affair at the Anaheim White House in Anaheim, California. I do an event here about once a year, at least. Bruno, the owner, throws a great party and has one of the finest restaurants in the state, if not the country. Great good, amazing service and ambience unsurpassed. Check it out if you have a chance. We had a Patrick from my show in Lake Tahoe host, and we brought in Venus, Chad and Ralph to perform impersonations of Cher, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce. It was a great night!

As some of you know I manage a great act that impersonates Michael Jackson, Carlo Riley. Carlo receives dozens of inquiries everyday for his impersonation of Michael Jackson. He is a hot ticket right now. One of the best things are the a**holes that like to send derogatory emails about my performers and what they can do with them if they hire them. Received an email asking how much would it cost for this client to r** his c*** up a lookalikes’ ass. Wow, this made my day! What kind of idiot is wasting their time sending out such emails! In any case, there are many TOS issues with sending that kind of email thru the internet. The user unfortunately is not aware of such TOS on the internet, and now no longer has an email service. Love it!

In Lake Tahoe, my show Carnival Cabaret (celebrity impersonators) continues going strong with its 2nd year on stage. We received some snow fall the past couple of days. This snow fall will be a great base for the skiers as the season officially begun with Thanksgiving weekend. Frankie Kein and Manuel Arte were in my show here this past week, together, performing as Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli. Their impersonations and performances are by far the best that this industry has, and they have yet to appear in any other show except mine, where they were part of an ensemble cast, rather than lead stars. Most of the impersonator industry is unaware of these two talented people. They have traveled all over the world and this show and our cast were so privileged to have them in our show the past couple of months. These two impersonators, actors, were absolutely amazing!

I will be in Los Angeles for 24 hours on Tuesday for my depositions with the crazy one. We have one more stop on this legal train, and then I believe it will be over for the defendant. Sorry Charlie!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and looking forward to a great 2010 year in Tahoe. I hope to see you in Lake Tahoe, or better yet we’ll see you at the show!

Impersonators of Madonna, Beyonce, Patrick Ross & Lady Gaga

Impersonators of Madonna, Beyonce, Patrick Ross & Lady Gaga

November 28th, 2009 | Category: Anaheim White House, Carnival Cabaret, Icons Lookalikes and Impersonators, Lake Tahoe

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