Jason Cozmo joins Carnival Cabaret, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

A new up and coming female impersonator, originally, from Utah, has recently joined the cast at Carnival Cabaret. Jason will be performing as Dolly Parton in the show while Kevin Wiley takes some time off. Jason recently moved west from New York City where he’s been perfecting this impersonation skills. He worked for several years at Disney and now is pursuing a career in the world of female impersonations. We recently worked with him on perfecting his Dolly Parton lookalike illusion and its real good. Take a look below.

Jason's First Make Over as Dolly Parton by Kevin WIley / Dan Gore

On March 17, Carnival Cabaret takes their first road trip to the Santa Ana Star Casino in Albuquerque for our very first gig outside of Lake Tahoe. Thank you Adam Kidd and Debbie Bibby! Everyone is very excited. We will make a stop over in Las Vegas going and returning from Albuquerque to check out our colleagues in Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas, currently playing at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. See picture below.
Frank Marino stars in Divas Las Vegas - post La Cage

Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas

I have decided to bring in live tribute acts for the summer in Lake Tahoe. Horizon Casino will run Carnival Cabaret five nights a week at 8pm and two nights (monday/tuesday) a week at 8pm will be live tribute acts, as well at 10pm on all other nights. Such great veteran acts as Rob Garrett as Neil Diamond, Satisfaction as the Rolling Stones, these are just a few of the great live tribute acts that will playing the Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe this summer.

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Heavenly Village Management Says No To Drag, Lake Tahoe. Should it be NO to Drugs?

Carnival Cabaret is the longest running show in the history of Lake Tahoe, yet there are still people in this town that refuse to recognize the value of entertainment. In a economic breakdown, a small town like Tahoe, people are still trying to forbid an art form that has been around for centuries. The US is one of the most conservative countries in the world, and mostly because of the way people are raised and nurtured, and not even by education, but by parents, siblings and elders. We are all human beings and it becomes a very shallow and ignorant moment when people begin to judge one another based on differences. At Heavenly Village in Lake Tahoe, a popular place in town, a gathering place for skiers and tourists alike, a single management person have asked us to stop walking around and promoting in drag because there are children present in this area. Every business in this town has welcomed us and has promoted the show, especially since we are the only show in town, in a vegas like town, and it is just entertainment. One singular person continues to push our buttons because he feels drag is not an appropriate thing for children. Wow! That is hilarious. I have yet to meet this person, but when I do, I hope he doesn’t look as stupid as he sounds. Ignorance is dead, don’t you know. Get an education.

Today as I was watching Oprah Winfrey on mute and having a conference call at the same time, I noticed a whole bunch of guys singing on the show, and it caught my attention. They guys or the band, so I thought, was named Sam Tsui. Well, i didn’t catch the sound or pay attention, so when the show was over, I decided to look up this individual. Well, how talented is this guy and his collaborator. Really impressed with their arrangements and their entertainment value. Watch most of their videos and they have become quite popular with appearances on the Bonnie Hunt show as well as Oprah. Millions of hits on their websites as well.

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Dennis Russell stars in Carnival Cabaret, Industry Awards Goes Gore-less

Dennis Russell is now starring in my show Carnival Cabaret. Dennis Russell aka Denise Russell is a big smash in this show. He flew into Tahoe on Monday, Feb 1 and started hosting the show on Wednesday, February 3. What a pro. Fit right into the groove without skipping a beat. Dennis Russell is the only female impersonator ever to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. He sings like a bird and sounds amazing as Patsy Cline. Come see Dennis for yourself! Carnival Cabaret is a nightly casino show at the Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the Horizon Casino Resort, on the south shore. The show runs nightly Wednesday thru Sunday, show is at 8pm.

There is a company in our small industry that issues awards yearly to the industry leaders. Its pretty much a free for all for anyone who wants to nominate themselves and then explain to their colleagues why they should get their votes and why they should win the award under certain categories. I won for Best Producer in 2006 and was hoping to nominate myself again for Best Producer for 2010, however, i registered to late and missed the boat. What I find so fascinating about this award show is that some of the very best people in this business do not participate so we have a lot of b and c listers nominating themselves and winning these awards. Then, the b and c listers add these winning titles to their resumes as if it means they are worth far more or better than others. I am not against all that, but I think this annual awards need to be regulated in a sense they include leaders of the industry who are by far, more talented and more experienced so the younger generation and followers have something to achieve or guide themselves by. There are only 5 full time casino shows running in the USA that feature celebrity lookalikes, and only two of them include female impersonators. The show I have in Lake Tahoe is the longest running show in the history of the city, yet, I won’t be recognized for that, because I missed the deadline and others are more worthy of their 1 night events somewhere. Most of the people in this industry are looking for full time gigs in the casino arena, yet, my involvement in what I do goes without notice. LOL. It’s all good, really, it is. : ) I also worked with the real Bette Midler on her 1999 concert in Las Vegas, and have booked doubles for the real Madonna, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, but then again, please industry, don’t hesitate to recognize this leader. LMAO!

Call me Little Richard at the Grammy Awards, but this little dick has far more current kudos and praise due to him.

Dennis Russell - star of Carnival Cabaret

Dennis Russell stars in Carnival Cabaret, Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino

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Patrick Ross carries the torch into 2010 starring in Lake Tahoe’s Carnival Cabaret.

One of the most unique features of your mind and your life is the “planting of the seed”. I knew that the star of my show GYPSY would one day retire and call an end to such a fantastic career. At the time GYPSY announced to me that he wanted to retire, I knew I had to find a new host. I had always been impress by Patrick Ross, from the moments I saw him over a decade ago, shopping his wares (talents) to me and looking for bookings, Ross was on his way to becoming a drag warrior. Cut to almost 15 years later, and I am employing Patrick Ross and asking him to hone up his Emcee skills because he would be carrying my show Carnival Cabaret here in Lake Tahoe once GYPSY leaves the stage. I think at the time I asked Patrick, he was a bit unsure, but with help from his long time friend Adam and the show’s encouragement, Patrick’s star has shined brightly over the last couple of weeks, and is filling the shoes of GYPSY quite well. Very proud of planting the seed with Patrick and watching him take flight. He studied hard a lot of the Drag Emcees in our time and put them altogether with a mix of his own originality and made a superstar out of himself. You can’t miss Patrick in Carnival Cabaret, it’s a whole new show and it’s a lot of fun!

I went with my partner Luis to AVN weekend two weeks ago in Las Vegas. Luis works there every year and it’s a grand delight to see the porn industry awards as its a whole new entertainment world. I saw my good friend Larry Edwards aka Hot Chocolate as well as other close friends in Frank Marino’s (La Cage Vegas) Divas Las Vegas at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. As many of you know, I am not a big fan of the way La Cage ended nor the way it ended artistically, however, Frank Marino’s show has brought back the essence of what La Cage should of been in the end. A true entertaining experience, Marino put heart and soul into the show to bring back a huge production with six male dancers and an excellent cast. You truly can see the love in each of the acts as you watch the show. Marino gave life to so many of these FI acts as they were left cold in the night from La Cage producer Norbert Aleman when he shut down La Cage last year. Good job guys, I truly enjoyed the show.

I also had a chance to see EOY, Entertainer of the Year pageant in California at the House of Blues. This was a first for the pageant franchise and they did it up pretty well. I was highly disappointed in the celebrity judges as I felt they have no clue on what an FI should be doing let alone how to judge these types of pageants. Having celebrities on board is great for press and show recognition but it will not uphold what this FI industry and especially what EOY stands for. The pageant was extremely long and unorganized and with all the money the promoter was tossing around, with ads, and promotions, donations and red carpet BS, they should of put more time into having an organized pageant, especially at a legitimate show place, like House of Blues. I felt the gay community was represented poorly by this promoter. Hopefully next year, they’ll have competent, qualified judges for our industry. Not that the finalists didn’t deserve the accolades, its just it should of been awarded by myself or by people who are involved in this industry and not a media blitz lineup of celebrities. What is this, Battle of the Tiera, Quest for the Crown, all of which are pageants that are mockeries.

I hope everyone is having a glorious beginning to twenty-ten. I wish you and yours the best possible life and see you soon—

Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas

Larry Edwards with Dan Gore in Las Vegas at Divas Las Vegas

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James Gypsy Haake Retires from stage!

New Year’s Eve week was a great success in Lake Tahoe. The town was full of tourists and it was a great night to bid farewell to one of the greatest MCs of our time, James GYPSY Haake. For the first time, we served dinner inside the Carnival Cabaret showroom, and it was a great success.

Gypsy was in full form New Year’s Eve night and we bid farewell to him right before midnight after the second show. Friends from all over were there to wish Gypsy goodbye. It was a great night, and we will miss Gypsy greatly.

Taking over for Gypsy will be Patrick Ross and Dennis Werntz. Patrick has already begun his hosting duties. Patrick will host every night in January. We are taking Monday nights off just in January until Dennis gets here. Starting February 8, Carnival Cabaret will go back to 7 days a week.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and we look forward to a very healthy and successful 2010.

The best to you-

James Gypsy Haake, Master of Ceremonies

Gypsy Retires

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